Knightmare - Life Stinks!

Publisher: Stripes Publishing

Cedric Thatchbottom is a knight-in-training, with an unfortunate name and a scaredy-cat boss. Sir Percy the Proud is renowned for his valour, bravery and charisma, all captured in the Song of Percy, penned by…you guessed it! But Sir Percy is about as brave as a chicken. So when Sir Roland the Rotten challenges him to a duel, it is unfortunate Cedric astride Prancelot, a mountain of a horse, wielding a weighty lance…

An entertaining medieval romp by Roald Dahl Funny Prize winner, Peter Bently. First in Cedric's series of  'knightmare' adventures, this comical story is full of catastrophes, chuckles and poo. Perfect for primary-age children.

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