Thorfinn the Nicest Viking and the Raging Raiders

Publisher: Young Kelpies

Thorfinn the Very-Very-Nice-Indeed is an unusual Viking. He is polite and considerate, preferring to resolve differences through discussion and peaceful negotiation. In contrast, his father, Viking chief Harald the Skull-Splitter, and three elder brothers Wilfred the Spleen-Mincer, Sven the Head-Crusher and Hagar the Brain-Eater, love nothing more than raiding, pillaging, wrestling and generally causing havoc.

When their village is attacked and their underpants set alight, the Vikings are furious. Their rage reaches fever pitch when they discover that Thorfinn's mother Freya is missing, presumed kidnapped. Incensed, Harald and his sons set sail across the North Sea to teach the raiders a lesson and rescue Freya.

With short chapters and plenty of laughs on every page, this highly entertaining series of Viking antics is ideal for confident independent readers. Hilarious illustrations accompany the witty text, and there are puzzles and trading cards to be enjoyed at the end of the book.

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