Kitty and the Sky Garden Adventure

Publisher: Oxford

Kitty has a secret. By day, she's like any other little girl - but when night falls, she puts on her superhero suit, her velvety ears and her silky cape and she is transformed! Her hearing is sharper, her eyesight is clearer and she can bound across the rooftops like a cat.

When her kitten, Pumpkin, and his friends tell her about an amazing rooftop garden, Kitty can’t wait to see it and is enchanted by its beauty. But when a gang of naughty cats get out of control and start to spoil things, it’s Kitty to the rescue! 

This superhero adventure for early readers is beautifully presented in a small format for little hands and is densely illustrated in tones of grey and orange on almost every page. Kitty’s magical story is enhanced and energised by the detailed illustrations that breathe life into the cheeky cat characters and the fantastic garden they find.

A great first outing into the world of ‘chapter’ books, Kitty’s exploits are ideal for reading aloud or to bridge the gap between picture books and lengthier fiction.

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