The Nutcracker and the Mouse King’s Christmas Shenanigans

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

The Mouse King is up to his usual shenanigans and has been stealing Christmas confectionary from across the land. He has raided Cookie Town, Gingerbread Village and the city of Chocopolis, and has now set his sights on the Kingdom of Sweets. To protect it, the Sugar Plum Fairy encases the Kingdom in a magical bubble and entrusts the key to Walter the Nutcracker.  

However, when the sneaky rodent steals the key, Walter fears that Christmas will be ruined. He enlists the help of siblings Clara and Fritz Strudel, and together they race to Marshmallow Mountain, where they hope to foil the Mouse King’s dastardly plans. They are helped in their quest by a multitude of wacky characters, including Queen Victoria Sponge, ruler of Tea Town and Brenda the chicken, whose magical frosty feathers turn water into ice.  

Children will adore immersing themselves in this imaginative fantasy world. The hilarious narrative is accompanied by exquisite, vibrant illustrations, which burst with energy and witty detail. Divided into 24½ chapters – one for each day of advent – this enchanting countdown to Christmas is sure to become an annual festive favourite.  

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