Kaya’s Heart Song

Publisher: Lantana

Kaya overhears her mother humming a special song. Her mother says it is her heart song and that it can make anything possible, but to hear your heart song, you must quieten your mind.

Kaya goes off to play and takes a new path through the jungle, where she discovers a run-down carousel. As she sets to work clearing the vines, her mind quietens and soon she can hear the beat of her own heart song. The carousel begins to move and she is able to share her magical experience with lots of people.

This picture book aims to promote mindfulness and there’s an explanation of the word at the back of the book, but it can also be read as a fantasy story. The longer text and abstract subject indicate a slightly older readership than most picture books, but the bright colours and vivid illustrations will appeal to younger eyes. Yoga poses are depicted throughout, and while the idea of mindfulness might appeal more to older children, the thrill of a magical elephant carousel in the jungle should enchant plenty of readers.  

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