Three Little Vikings

Publisher: Two Hoots

Best friends Wren, Ebba and Helga live with the Viking folk and love playing together. Yet, one day, a scary noise surrounds the village. The Chieftain assures everyone that it’s just a thunderstorm, but does he really know best? When the noises get louder, the girls investigate and discover a troll. Disaster!

Yet with the help of Ebba’s book collection, the girls hatch a plan to catch the troll and prove to the Chieftain that he doesn’t know best all the time.

Bethan Woollvin’s instantly recognisable bold illustration style has many fans, and this latest fairy tale-themed story of three girls taking things into their own hands is full of her trademark colour, bold black lines and Moomin-esque mood (fans of the Moomins might see echoes of Little My in her human figures).

In the story, we have three independent girls who refuse to be cowed by the community Chieftain and find their own answers to problems with the help of books, which is a story that will likely appeal to all the independent, bookish readers out there.

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