What's the Time, Mr Wolf?

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Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books

Is Mr Wolf really as big and bad as his reputation suggests? Award-winning picture book creator Debi Gliori suggests otherwise in this delightful story, inspired by traditional fairy tales as well as the familiar playground game, 'What's the Time Mr Wolf?'
As we follow Mr Wolf through his daily routine, from breakfast through to bedtime, we meet a range of very familiar faces along the way - from the Three Little Pigs to Little Red Riding Hood. But it soon becomes clear that although they might sometimes irritate him, Mr Wolf's relationship with the other characters is actually a lot friendlier than we might have been led to believe.
With plenty of lively detail to explore in Debi Gliori's beautiful illustrations, this lovely, gentle picture book presents a favourite fairytale villain in an entirely new light. A reassuring story which is perfect for sharing at bedtime.

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