Jayben and the Golden Torch

Publisher: Hodder

Ben has lived with his unkind Aunt Samantha for six years. He has no memory of his parents or why they left him. In fact, he has no memories at all of the first six years of his life. And the brain injury that stole his memories also causes him to have seizures.

On his 12th birthday something very strange happens. The clocks all stop, then go backwards. Suddenly, Ben’s head is filled with pain, bright lights and loud noise – and his mind escapes to a world far away.

Waking up in a strange land, Ben finds he has no memories at all. Not even of his own name. But someone seems to think he is a long-awaited saviour for a world being consumed by greed and evil.

This curious, immersive fantasy is the first of a series inspired by the author’s personal experience of memory loss. The world-building and plot are complex; packed with intricate detail, engaging characters and quirky creatures like the fuzzy, green, farting skoggle.

Readers who enjoy an exciting adventure with added depth and intensity are sure to be captivated by this funny, heart-warming and imaginative voyage into memory, meaning and identity.

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