Is That You, Little Chick?

Publisher: Ladybird Books

It’s a sunny morning on the farm and Little Chick is nowhere to be found! Her friend the cockerel looks for her behind the gate, splashing in the mud and in the stable but with no luck. Perhaps she’s in the hen house?

Rob Hodgson’s four-page board book is a classic seek-and-find story for toddlers, looking for Little Chick in a number of farm locations. The illustration is lovely, with Hodgson’s characteristic bright contrasts and adorable little characters dotted through – as well as looking for Little Chick, children can look for the jolly little ladybird in the yellow hat that appears on every page, plus a little grey mouse.

Though of course there’s not much text, what there is, is interesting in just the right way – we have verbs such as 'splashing' and 'playing' and sense detail such as the hen house being warm, as well as introducing little ones to the idea of something being behind something else when they open the sliding flaps. Delightful!

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