How to Talk to a Tiger and Other Animals

Publisher: Magic Cat Publishing

This entertaining non-fiction picture book presents many ingenious methods of communication used by a variety of wild animals. It features more than 100 creatures, from farting fish to sneezing dogs, and explores some of their resourceful approaches to attracting a mate, warding off predators or finding food. Divided into four main chapters (sights, sounds, smell and taste, and electrosensory and touch), each section contains fascinating facts and colourful artwork.

Children will be amazed by honeybees who wiggle elaborately to direct other bees to the best flowers; dazzled by a male peacock spider, who is the size of a grain of rice and performs an elaborate dance to avoid being eaten by his potential mate; or amused by wombats who mark their territory with cube-shaped poos.

With a contents page and index, this is a great introduction to non-fiction texts for younger readers and will appeal to anyone with an interest in animals and the natural world.

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