Animals are Delicious

Sky, Forest, Ocean

Publisher: Phaidon

This box set of attractive concertina-style board books explores food chains in three different environments: the sky, the forest and ocean.

Starting at the bottom of the food chain, each page reveals which creature eats what. On the back of the pages are black-and-white illustrations of alternative foods for each creature - so, in the ocean volume, we discover that penguins also like to eat Antarctic silverfish, shellfish and sea worms.

Crisp, stylish photographs of models made from paper and other materials illustrate every page, creating a dynamic visual accompaniment to the simple yet informative text. The books are sturdy so will withstand plenty of handling, and the concertina design means they can be opened out fully and displayed, so the sequence of each food chain is clearly seen and understood.

An outstanding set of books, which are fabulous to share with young children, particularly in an educational setting.

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