History’s Biggest Show-Offs: The Boldest, Bravest and Brainiest People of All Time

Publisher: Happy Yak

Who are the biggest show-offs of all time? The people that have done some of the flashiest and most outrageously impressive things? Some of them were super powerful, some others were amazingly talented and some were extra clever. This book aims to give children an introduction to some of humanity’s greats, and inspire them to want to show off about their talents, too – and grow up to be just as inspirational!

Split into three main sections – People in Charge (rulers such as Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt, Christina of Sweden and Empress Wu of China), People Who Think Up Stuff (scientists such as Ada Lovelace, Hedy Lamarr and Antoine Lavoisier) and People Who Create Things (artists such as Antoni Gaudi, Frida Kahlo and Michaelangelo), History’s Biggest Show-Offs not only includes a fascinating profile of each famous legend, but also includes a number of activities and trivia to engage readers with the book further.

For instance, there’s a brilliant section that details the top ten best gifts given to Queen Elizabeth II, a battle of the show-offs between artists Salvador Dali and Jean-Michael Basquiat, and a glossary, index and timeline at the back of the book too.

This book is best suited to mid-primary aged children for whom it has the right level of text and appealing illustrations and design. An original way of presenting a “famous and inspirational people” book which has plenty of broad appeal.

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