Women Who Led the Way: Great Explorers and Adventurers

Publisher: Otter-Barry Books

Harriet Tubman escaped slavery via the “Underground Railroad” – a cross-country network of people opposed to slavery. When she finally found freedom in Philadelphia, she knew that she had to go back and help others to escape.

Barbara Hillary worked for 55 years as a nurse and became a campaigner to raise awareness about climate change, despite having breast cancer. In her 70s, despite ill health, she became the first black woman to stand at the North Pole.

In 1810, Hester Stanhope left Britain for the Middle East. She was the first European woman to cross the Syrian desert, and the first archaeologist to use an ancient text as a source to examine a historical site, and the first to carry out a modern analysis of it.

In this wonderful book, Granström and Manning tell the stories of 21 amazing women from across the world, as well as highlighting the stories of other women relevant to their stories. Featuring a truly diverse mix of women with very different lives, this beautiful book will inspire children with the common themes of bravery, ingenuity and persistence.

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