This Book Will Save the Planet

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

This informative and powerful book about climate justice makes a real impact. It discusses what is happening to our planet, from melting polar ice caps to raging wildfires, and explores what’s causing this devastation, with suggestions about how to effect change, both individually and collectively. 

The author’s fundamental message is that the climate crisis is inextricably linked to inequality, particularly racial discrimination. She argues that, to achieve climate justice, we must first understand the unjust systems that underpin most societies and work together to ensure a better future for everyone. A wealth of topics are covered, including systemic racism, identity and privilege, the role of big corporations and climate tipping points.

There are suggested activities throughout the book, for example: keeping a climate change diary to track variations in your local area; understanding how your community uses energy; and thinking of five things that give you hope for a better world.

A comprehensive glossary explains some key terminology and concepts, such as white supremacy and extractive capitalism, and there are suggestions for further reading at the end. Attractively designed with stylish, colourful illustrations throughout, this thought-provoking book is sure to galvanise and empower young people to make a difference.

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