Hilda and the Runaway Baby

Publisher: Walker Books

Hilda lives a peaceful life, alone In her small tin house at the foot of the hill. In town, the runaway baby is popping up in all sorts of unexpected places - and suddenly, he's flying past Hilda's home in his pram! Hilda leaps to his rescue, and befriends the little baby before pulling the pram home.

But the baby doesn't want to be without Hilda now that they've found each other, and Hilda decides to stay and look after the baby, wherever he turns up next.

Daisy Hirst's bright colours and loose paintery style are a delight to behold. The bold style is matched beautifully with a stylish palette, and the chunky characters are immediately endearing. Hilda herself is a fabulous character, and Daisy's knack for creating priceless facial expressions with minimal detail is used to great effect again here.

A sweet story of an unexpected friendship, with a porcine heroine you won't forget in a hurry!

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