Alphonse, That Is Not OK To Do!

Publisher: Walker Books

It can be tough having a younger sibling to contend with - but, on the whole, monsters Natalie and her little brother Alphonse have lots of fun together.

However, after a particularly difficult day when nothing seems to go right, Natalie is furious when she catches Alphonse eating her favourite book. That is definitely not OK to do.

Despite his apologies and suggestions to mend the book, Natalie can't forgive Alphonse, and angrily draws a picture of him being chased by a tornado, two beasts and a swarm of peas. But when she's in the bath, she hears strange noises and is desperately worried about her little brother.

This charming and very funny book about the ups and downs of sibling relationships perfectly captures the affection and frustration experienced by an older sibling. The monsters are wonderfully expressive and the vibrant screen-print illustrations are full of warmth and humour.

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