Have You Seen Mikki Olsen?

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

Penguin loves his teddy Mikki Olsen. Whatever Penguin does, Mikki Olsen is right there doing it too. Until one day, when he’s very tired, Penguin sits on Mikki Olsen and doesn’t realise. The next day Penguin can’t find Mikki Olsen. He looks EVERYWHERE. Where could he be? 

This quirky book is bound to make toddlers laugh. The fun of the reader being able to see the teddy stuck to the penguin’s bottom as he searches high and low is irresistible. Penguin has a recognisable domestic life in his house, with a bed and duvet, a sink and a bin. He could be any child losing a beloved soft toy.

Reassuringly, his worry is understated, to allow for the humour, and the way he discovers his beloved teddy will make readers laugh too, so that any nervous child shouldn’tbe adversely affected by the plot. A delightful book to curl up with and share – and to point at and shout, in a panto-esque way, ‘He’s behind you!’ 

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