Constance in Peril

Publisher: Two Hoots

Edward’s favourite toy is a old cloth doll called Constance Hardpenny, whom he finds abandoned in a bin while walking through the park one day. Sadly, Constance is no stranger to misfortune, and though Edward loves her very much, she nevertheless finds herself trapped in a tree, dragged along on a scooter and left forgotten in the rain, lodged in iron railings, stolen by ruffians and chewed by a dog.

Thankfully, Edward’s older sister is on hand to rescue Constance, whether that’s by hoiking her out of the river with a long stick, demanding the bullies give her back, or even sewing her up after a particularly difficult day.

Ben Manley and Emma Chichester Clark’s absolutely delightful story about a much-loved toy will strike a chord of recognition in all children who may have a Constance of their own – and for whom “loving” a toy might mean putting it under some serious strain.

Like their previous book, The Misadventures of Frederick, Constance’s story is full of tongue-in-cheek humour alongside a kind of slightly old-fashioned language which feels charming and adds to its offbeat appeal.

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