Haunt Me

Publisher: Orion

Introverted Erin has just moved to a new house and school; hard enough when you're an awkward teen, but more so for a girl getting over a traumatic accident.

But Erin's new bedroom holds something more than the poetry of the previous resident, scribbled on its walls: teenager Joe, who died, is haunting his former bedroom. As an unusual, sensitive romance develops between ghost-Joe and Erin, it becomes clear that they can’t continue without some intervention from Erin's parents and a kindly psychic called Rose - and the revelation of what really happened to Joe.

Rather than making this a fantastical, supernatural tale, Kessler explores the emotions and trauma that led to Joe being trapped in his bedroom as a lost soul. Joe and Erin's relationship, though unusual, is heartfelt and thoughtful. With a mature and sensitive approach to bereavement and loss, as well as a keen insight into teen relationships, this proves a thought-provoking and satisfying read.

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