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Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Fox siblings Ted and Nancy live in the big city, where there’s plenty of food to be scavenged from the bins behind the chicken shop, and both are used to the grimy streets and even grimier pigeons.

Nancy is the tough one, and fiercely protective of her little brother Ted, who is a rather gentle soul. Yet, when Ted accidentally bites scary cat Princess Buttons’ tail off, the two foxes need somewhere to lie low. What better place than Grimwood, a faraway forest whose furry denizens play endless games of Treebonk, and tough talking bunnies frisk under shady trees?

Following directions given to them by a lovelorn rat, Ted and Nancy discover Grimwood and start to make themselves at home. Yet, Princess Buttons is hot on their heels, and when Ted becomes involved in a local theatre production, he’s an easy target. Fortunately, the animals of Grimwood have a few tricks up their sleeve to save their new fox friends…

Nadia Shireen’s first illustrated middle grade novel is a brilliantly hilarious and heartwarming tale perfect for fans of Alex T Smith, Sophy Henn and Hannah Peck. There is a subtle storyline about the fact that Ted and Nancy’s parents have left them, which explains why Nancy is so defensive when it comes to Ted. Yet, it’s Shireen’s gloriously anarchic sense of humour and illustration which really steals the show. Absolutely brilliant.

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