Mega Robo Bros: Double Threat

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Publisher: David Fickling Books

Being the most advanced robots on the planet isn't always as cool as it sounds. You still have to go to school and clothes shopping with your Mum; and there's no escape from bulling either.

But when a Mega-Robo emergency is declared, Alex and Freddy snap into action and seem to save the day once again with their superhero skills and enhanced weaponry.

But far beneath the ground in the tunnels of London's old tube network, defunct and discarded robots are being rescued and repaired. And some of them are out for revenge – on mankind and on the Mega-Robo Bros themselves.

Amidst the massive mechanoid fights, explosions and laser battles, this fourth adventure for the Mega Robo Bros once again asks thoughtful questions about what makes us human and features its customary, inclusive cast of diverse characters.

Many interesting ideas about gender, sibling relationships, humanity and even definitions of right and wrong have a role alongside the spectacular robot battles that practically leap out of the pages.

Illustrations are bold, atmospheric and bursting with energy and there are plenty of laughs along the way. Even readers who wouldn't normally choose a comic book will have fun with this mega-adventure.

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