Just Plain Weird

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Mrs Primm serves Sprout Surprise for supper. She doesn’t like mess and expects her son Pinchton to wear his smart blazer to evening meals. Luckily, new neighbours bring adventure into 10-year old Pinchton’s life.

He is initially shocked by lanky Oliver Weird who eats only wedding cake, Ott Weird who lives in fancy dress, and Mrs Weird who jumps out of planes for a living. But they are an intriguing bunch and Pinchton begins sneaking out to visit them.

Covering up for their behaviour isn’t easy as they destroy Mrs Primm’s gnomes, steal her prize tomatoes and then cause a celling in his house to fall through! How will he keep his friendship and the chaos a secret from his parents?

Children will lose themselves in mishaps and eccentric adventures in this page-turner. They will laugh at the mayhem but also join Pinchton in learning to look beyond appearances to what really matters in families: working together and being happy.

With great morals, lovable role models and loads of laughs, this is a great chapter book with plenty of illustrations to bring the quirky characters to life. When the adventure is over, readers are even treated to some puzzles at the end of the book!

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