Goodnight Bear: A Magic Torch Book

Publisher: Imagine That

Goodnight, sleepyheads – it’s time to go to bed. Bear is going to help us all say goodnight and get snuggly, but first, she needs to say goodnight to all her friends. Can you help find them? Fox, Rabbit and Squirrel are hiding somewhere in the forest, but it is getting dark…

On each page, we look for a different animal on every double page spread, accompanied by a simple rhyming text.

The unusual and brilliant element of this book is that there’s a clever illustrated plastic screen which the ‘magic’ torch slides behind, illuminating the images and enabling children to find certain animals and see what’s on the panel. The thick cardboard ‘torch’ itself is attached to the book with a ribbon, so it’s not easily lost and can withstand a lot of use. This is a great book for toddlers who want something a little more interactive than a standard flap book, and it’s so ingenious you’ll wonder why you haven’t seen it before.

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