Goddess Girls: Athena the Brain

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Publisher: Atom

One morning a mystery scroll arrives for Athena, revealing that she is not a mere mortal, but is in fact the goddess daughter of Zeus, and has been summoned to enrol in Mount Olympus Academy.

In her first class, Hero-ology, Athena makes a new friend, beautiful Aphrodite, and a deadly enemy, Medusa. Medusa, who excels in Reveng-ology, dislikes Athena as handsome Poseidon is paying her lots of attention. Suddenly things don’t seem so different from Triton School back on earth! But when Athena discovers that every godly action affects mortals on earth, she is terrified, especially when one of her projects for the Invention Fair falls into Medusa’s hands…

This contemporary twist on Greek Gods and Goddesses puts an entertaining spin on the well-known myths and legends, whilst exploring all the familiar dilemmas of school life.

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