Glow: The Wild Wonders of Bioluminescence

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Have you ever seen fireflies and glow-worms, sparkling in the dark? How about films of deep-sea creatures emitting soft glowing light to attract prey? Or even certain fungi, lighting up the forest floor?

This large-format book is packed with incredible facts about the different flora and fauna that light up our world. Each double page spread features a plate key of the illustrations, with handy diagrams explaining the anatomy and structure of everything from flashlight fish to duck-billed platypus. There's also glossary at the back, and an interesting rundown of the ways scientists are using natural bioluminescence to develop medicine, deep-sea exploration, and conservation - as well as the many ways that we as human beings can help preserve these amazing glowing creatures, and protect our natural world from pollution and climate change.

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