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Publisher: Britannica Books

Get ready for 400 more mind-blowing facts in Kate Hale and Andy Smith’s followup to Factopia!

Once again, every fact is linked to the next in a trivia treasure trail you’ll return to again and again, and each page is laid out with bright illustrations and photographs complementing simple, memorable text (perfect for reciting to friends and family!)

For example, did you know that magpies, elephants and chimpanzees can recognise themselves in a mirror? That ants have been around since the time of the dinosaurs? And that in Ancient Egypt, mummies’ eyes were sometimes replaced with onions?

This is a fabulously fun way to learn new things and encourage inquisitiveness – adults and children alike will find themselves dipping into it for years to come. The question is… how many facts can you remember?

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Author: Kate Hale Illustrator: Andy Smith

The perfect book for any fact-lover, Factopia contains 400 different facts to discover and be wowed by, covering almost anything from nature to robots to the human body to space. Did you know that around 12% of people dream in black and white? That the Earth hums? That there is a hotel in America shaped like a potato?

Each fact is presented as a snippet on t…

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