Get Off, Bear!

Publisher: Oxford University Press

It’s a beautiful snowy day and Elephant, Frog, Monkey, Squirrel, and Bunny are building a snowman. The animal friends want Bear to join them, but Bear has other ideas – he wants to play on his sledge. The only problem is that he’s stuck - the sledge won’t move.

His friends offer to help with little Frog trying to push Bear up the slope while Monkey pulls. But still Bear and the sledge won’t budge. Then Mouse makes a great suggestion which makes things much easier, and Bear and his pals can finally enjoy the snowy slopes on their sledges.  

Featuring very basic text – with one to three words on some pagesthis is a delightful early reader book that explores the scientific concept of force in a fun and enjoyable way. With engaging artwork and a very funny story, children won’t even realise they’re learning a new concept. 

The front of the book includes tips for sharing stories and at the end there are some fun suggestions for force-themed activities to try with pre-schoolers. They don’t require any special materials – some toys and a cardboard boxso should be easily accessible for all kinds of households.

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