Squeeze in, Squirrel!

Publisher: Oxford University Press

It’s time for a fun day at the beach and Squirrel and Rabbit are setting off for the day in Rabbit’s car. But, uh-oh! Other friends keep getting in the car with all their stuff while Squirrel is busy trying to lug in her big trunk! Before she knows it, Rabbit’s car is full to bursting point… will there be any room left for her?

Part of a series of picture books for young readers exploring concepts of height, weight and position, this accessible and fun read looks at the issue of capacity. Based on the story, adults can talk to little ones about what happens when we put too much of something into a container – in the case of Rabbit’s car, what happened when too many animals and their luggage got in?

There’s also a relatable emotional element to Squeeze in, Squirrel! – little ones will probably empathise with poor Squirrel, who is all set for a fun day out until everyone else pushes in and ruins everything. Adults could also talk to children here about the importance of waiting your turn and not pushing in.

At the end of the book, there are some fun suggestions for capacity-themed activities to do with preschoolers which don’t require any special materials and so are easy to achieve.

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