Ready! said Rabbit

Publisher: Scallywag Press

It is a lovely day so Dad and Rabbit decide to go to the park, but first they need to get ready. Rabbit must select the right outfit to wear, choose which toys to take and pack the snacks. However, he is frequently distracted by other important activities, such as painting a picture, measuring some things and having a snooze, so it takes him an extraordinary amount of time. Finally, Rabbit is ready to go, but then Dad causes more delays when he answers the phone, loses his glasses and searches for his keys.

Getting ready for a day out will be a familiar scenario for many young children and this funny picture book is sure to strike a chord with any adult who has experienced similar delays when attempting to leave the house. There are plenty of repetitive phrases to encourage children to join in with the text and lots of opportunities to discuss what they might choose to take on a trip to the park. The sketchy, colourful illustrations are full of movement and humour, and present an alternative, visual narrative, which injects further humour and adds an extra layer of meaning to the entertaining tale.

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