Fortunately, the Milk

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Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's

Mum's gone away on business, leaving Dad is charge. She's left him a long list of what he's got to do, but the most important is DON'T FORGET THE MILK. Unfortunately Dad does forget, and the next morning he has to go to the corner shop and get some. This is the story of why it takes him a very long time to get back again - a story which features a time-travelling stegosaurus, aliens, vampires, dinosaur police and the Queen of the Pirates, as well as a whole host of other completely unexpected adventures.

With plenty of silliness, Fortunately, the Milk is great fun and is certain to tickle readers of all ages. Chris Riddell's wonderful illustrations add depth and complexity, leaving all sorts of 'clues' to Dad's story around the family home as he unravels his tale. But the big question is, what about the milk? Will it survive this crazy journey?

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