Flyntlock Bones: the Sceptre of the Pharaohs

Publisher: Scallywag Press

Flynn is the new cabin boy aboard the Black Hound ship, home to an unusual pirate crew that specialise in detective work. When news arrives from the Isle of Tut that historical artefacts, including an ancient sceptre, have been stolen from the Gypshun Museum, Flynn and the crew leap into action to find the culprit.

But when all the pirates fall mysteriously ill, Flynn and his friend Red realise they must investigate the crime alone. Worse still, they suspect a traitor amongst the ranks. Yet, after discovering that the thieves have unearthed an incredibly dangerous powerful magic, Flynn and Red are captured before they can act. Can they still find a way of defeating the villains?

The first book in a trilogy of pirate-themed detective stories, this tale has a timeless, classic feel with a twist of adventure, magically transporting readers from the deck of the Black Hound to Ancient Egypt with the turn of a page.

The illustrations are beautiful, with some full page illustrations that really have the wow factor. The story itself is on the shorter side for children in this age group, but features a surprising amount of challenging vocabulary.

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