Einstein the Penguin: The Case of the Fishy Detective

Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

Einstein is no ordinary penguin. In his first adventure, siblings Imogen and Arthur saved him from the clutches of unscrupulous private detective, Bill Hunter, and he now lives happily in Sydney Zoo, Australia. The children desperately miss Einstein and wish they could see him again, so are thrilled when Bill Hunter, who is now an animal film agent, approaches them with a proposal. He wants to cast Einstein and his best friend Isaac, who currently resides in Edinburgh Zoo, in the starring roles of his new fishfinger advert.

When the penguins arrive in London, filming begins, but disaster strikes when they are both kidnapped from the studio. Bill immediately steps in, claiming he will stop at nothing to track them down. However, his eagerness to help arouses Imogen and Arthur’s suspicions and they decide to do some sleuthing of their own.

This is the second book in the series and is every bit as funny and charming as the first tale, combining a riotous plot with fabulous characters. The short chapters, well-spaced text and amusing black-and-white illustrations make it an ideal book for children who are transitioning from early readers to longer novels. 

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