Einstein the Penguin

Publisher: HarperCollins

When the Stewart family visit London Zoo one winter afternoon, Imogen and Arthur are enthralled by a small, inquisitive penguin named Einstein. As they leave, Mrs Stewart jokingly tells him that penguins are always welcome at their house. However, they are astounded when he turns up on their doorstep later that evening, clutching a small rucksack stuffed full of silver herrings, a Polaroid camera and a selection of photographs. They attempt to alert the zoo, but are met with disbelief, so do what anyone would in the circumstances and invite him to stay.

Although Einstein cannot speak, they communicate through a series of grunts and gestures, and discover that he is on a rescue mission. Can they help him complete his quest before the mysterious man in a wide-brimmed hat catches up with them? While Imogen enjoys honing her investigative skills, Einstein gives Arthur the confidence to overcome his shyness and make a new friend.

Readers will laugh out loud at the family’s hilarious attempts to integrate Einstein into their household. Funny, intriguing and utterly heart-warming, this wonderful chapter book will delight newly confident junior readers. Accompanied by lively black-and-white illustrations, which are full of energy, humour and personality.

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