Dare To Be You

Publisher: Hachette

As annoying as it is when someone says, ‘There’s no such thing as normal,’ everyone really is different. And this is a good thing: if everyone tried to be the same, there would never be any new ideas.

Here, author Matthew Syed shows why we should all embrace our differences and how doing so will not only make us happier and less worried or anxious, but can also be a really inspiring force for change big and small. Of course, doing so can be really hard, especially when you’re growing up, when it’s often easier and instinctual to want to fit in and go along with everybody else. Fortunately, Syed has lots of advice and ideas to help with that; Dare To Be You is packed with ways to handle self-doubt and build confidence to support readers to achieve what they want.

Empowering and inspiring, it’s written in a chatty and humorous style, with lots of anecdotes from Syed’s own experiences as well as from the worlds of business, sports and science. There’s also lots of illustrations and graphics to make it fun and interesting to read.

After all, ‘normal’ just means ‘average’ – and who wants to be average? Much better to ask questions and be curious, says Syed.

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