Fearless! How to be your true, confident self

Publisher: Scholastic

Have you, or someone you know, been teased, bullied, or made to feel uncomfortable about who you are? Is it because of the way you look, what you choose to do in your spare time or because you have certain mannerisms or speak in a particular way?

If the answer to any of the above is ‘Yes’ then you are not alone. Up to half of all young people experience pressure to ‘be’ a certain way or follow a particular course in life. It seems there are unconscious rules, or ‘stereotypes’, that some people think everyone should have to follow.

Liam Hackett has experienced plenty of mean comments and bullying and wondered if he would ever fit in. He is now the head of a major anti-bullying charity and has lots of insight and advice to help 10-16 year olds increase their confidence and resilience so they can be their best, most fearless self.

Packed with illustrations, text boxes and vibrant colour, this self-help guide is accessible, straightforward and appealing. It aims to start the journey to fearlessness by exploring society’s expectations, offering simple, demonstrative exercises and featuring inspirational messages from people who have stayed true to their real selves.

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