Don't Pick on Me!

Publisher: Piccadilly Press

Practical advice for children on how to handle bullying. Jane's class think that wearing the 'right' label clothing is very important, and her classmates start to make fun of her: 'What a fleabag!', 'Where did you get that coat - the Oxfam shop?' Jane wishes she didn't have to go to school; she is beginning to dread each new day. Michael isn't good at football. The other boys make fun of him, banging into him 'accidentally' and tripping him up when the games teacher isn't looking. Michael's mum wonders why he's always covered in bruises, but Michael won't say.

Bullying encompasses many things: being called names, being beaten up, having your bus fare stolen, being made to feel stupid... It's always horrible. Almost everyone gets bullied at some point in their life; often it happens at school. But you don't have to accept being bullied, and if you're a bully, you can learn to stop. This book explores why some people bully, why others are bullied and what you can do to change things.

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