Counting Sheep

Publisher: Walker Books

After a long, tiring day, Sam the farm dog tries to settle the sheep down at bedtime, but they are full of energy and in no mood for sleeping.

Sam remembers that counting sheep is an effective way to get to sleep, so he suggests the sheep count themselves. Unfortunately, they get in a bit of a muddle with their numbers, which makes them even more lively.

Then Sam spots that the horses are still wide awake, as are the pigs, ducks, cows and even the mice. As he visits each of the animals, he encourages them to count themselves, but it doesn't seem to be working. Sam cannot understand why the animals won't settle, until he visits the hen house and all becomes clear.

This farmyard picture book is an entertaining read and the colourful, full-page illustrations are full of amusing details to explore. Children will enjoy repeating the animal sounds featured in speech bubbles throughout the book.

Counting along with Sam will help young readers to develop their early numeracy skills and may even lull them to sleep at bedtime.

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