Cows Go Boo!

Publisher: Andersen Press

Farmer George has lots of noisy animals on his farm, from pigs who "oink" as they happily wallow in mud, to sheep who "baa" as they are rounded up by the sheepdog.

However, no matter how hard he tries to persuade them, Farmer George's irksome cows refuse to "moo". Instead, they play hide and seek and leap out with an almighty "BOO!" when he least expects it, causing him to jump clean out of his wellies or splutter tea all over the sofa. Exasperated by their antics, Farmer George decides to use the scare tactics of his prankster cows, with hilarious consequences.

The colourful, sketchy illustrations in Cows Go Boo! burst with personality and the endpapers are full of funny farm animal portraits. The comical, repetitive text is a delight to read aloud, and children will love joining in with the farmyard sounds, particularly the loud "BOO!" when the cows startle the farmer.

With hidden cows to spot throughout, this marvellous book will provide plenty of entertainment for young readers.

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