Cluck Cluck Duck: Lift the Flaps

Publisher: Mama Makes Books

Cluck Cluck Duck is part of the light-hearted “Funny Farm” series. Just like Tractor Tractor, the title combines humour and interaction with some fun and subtle early learning, as well as a wider social angle.

Did you know that farmers sometimes put duck eggs under broody hens to hatch them? In Cluck Cluck Duck, a hen suspects something is a little bit different about one of her brood: rather than cheep like the other baby chicks, this one quacks. It’s also an excellent swimmer! However, the hen doesn’t care in the slightest – she’s as much in love with this duckling as all her other babies. And when some farm animals tease the family, her chicks unite behind their duckling sibling in total solidarity and acceptance!

As well as a warm and tender look at family loyalty and love, and what “family” even means, Cluck Cluck Duck has lots of exciting flaps to lift. Early maths skills are also encouraged in a very unobtrusive way, as little ones count pop-up chicks and eggs as you read along.

There’s plenty of fun and interest here for toddlers, as well as stimulating themes to explore with older ones. Even if younger ones don’t fully understand the differences between ducklings and chicks, they will probably find the various animal noises very funny!

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