Change Sings

Publisher: Puffin

A young girl can hear change coming. It’s loud, it’s proud, and she’s excited to sing along. Guitar in tow, she heads off on a journey. In each new place she visits, she inspires other children to use their voice (and instruments) to help others. They learn that they have the power to make changes – big or small – in the world, in their communities, and most importantly, in themselves.

This is an artistic book all about uplifting young minds. It encourages children to persevere, to work together, and to respect one another. Written in lyrical prose by Presidential inaugural poet Amanda Gorman, Change Sings is a great way to introduce little readers to the poetry of words. The words flow beautifully and can even be sung out loud for full impact.

Bold, lush pictures from celebrated illustrator Loren Long capture readers' attention from the start, as they follow the main character – a girl with dark brown skin and thick, curly hair – on her journey to spread the message of change.

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