Bright Brown Baby: A Treasury

Publisher: Orchard Books

Brown baby is bright, brown baby sparkles, brown baby can change the world!

Award-winning wife and husband team Andrea and Brian Pinkney have lovingly crafted this treasury, compiling five different empowering and intimate stories/poems into one volume. With each story beginning with with a quote and a reflection, they celebrate all black and brown families and the joy babies bring.

From the opening and closing pages, the book explains that reading to children can be more than just for the child, but for the parent as well. It includes tips on how to read the book: whether you sing it or shout it; read it indoors or outdoors; or cuddle up and hold your little one tight as you enjoy the intense feelings of joy, love and closeness.

In his signature style, Brian Pinkney's bright and bold full-colour illustrations bring warmth to the pages and capture the energy and joy involved in his wife’s bouncy and rhythmic poems.

While babies won’t specifically understand the beautiful affirmations of ‘spreading their light’ or ‘changing the world’, it’s still good for little ones to hear these positive and powerful statements that they’ll become more familiar with as they get older, when sharing tender moments with their parents of carers.

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