Luna Loves Dance

Publisher: Andersen Press

When Luna dances, she feels that everything comes alive: colours seem brighter, the volume louder, and sunlight appears to shine from every cloud. Luna is excited about her forthcoming dance exam, believing she will be a real dancer when she passes.

However, while the other children in the class master the steps, Luna trips and stumbles. With each unsuccessful attempt, she loses a little more confidence and leaves the exam with a heavy heart, believing she is not a real dancer.

Gradually, with the gentle support of her family, Luna begins to regain her sparkle, but can they convince her that to be a real dancer, she must believe in herself?

Although Luna’s mum and dad live apart, both play an active, loving role in her upbringing and their friendly relationship presents a reassuringly positive view of parental separation. The vibrant watercolour illustrations are full of joy, and a spectacular fold-out page in the middle beautifully captures the colour, movement and exuberance of Carnival celebrations.

This delightful tale shows young children that, with perseverance and determination, they can overcome setbacks and follow their dreams.

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