My Big Fantastic Family

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Lily-May used to live with both her parents, but now she only lives with Mum. When Dad first said he was moving out, Lily-May felt sad and all upside-down inside. But she’s getting used to it. Now, Dad comes on Sundays, and they ride their bikes really fast down hills and make secret dens together. Lily-May plays more just with Mum too – and when Mum’s new partner Peter comes over, they play pirate ships!

There are still some wobbles – Lily-May hates it when Mum works late and she’s not keen on Peter’s cooking – but a birthday party with Lily-May’s big family helps her realise how many wonderful people she has in her life and just how much she is loved.
Families come in all shapes and sizes and this cheerful picture book celebrates that wonderfully.

Written in rhyme by the award-winning authors of the bestselling George’s Amazing Adventures series, this uplifting story with a diverse cast of characters embraces all the aspects – the highs and lows – of becoming part of a blended family after a divorce or separation.

Both positive and encouraging, it’s the perfect book to share with young children going through the same family situation as Lily-May.

Ali Pye’s clear, bright illustrations brilliantly capture Lily-May’s everyday life – from playing pirates on the sofa to reading a story in a homemade den.

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