Ceri and Deri: Young Whippersnapper

Publisher: Graffeg

This entertaining tale in a vibrant series of picture books for young readers features best friends Ceri the cat and Deri the dog. While out for a stroll with their pal Dai the duck, they meet elderly Davey Dog, who is laden down with heavy shopping bags. The three friends offer to help Davey carry his bags home and Ceri comes up with the clever idea of wheeling them along on Dai’s skateboard.

Davey is so thrilled by the ingenuity of the young whippersnappers, that he is inspired to get his own skateboard. Throwing himself into a new, high-speed approach to his daily routine, Davey zooms down the hill, flies around the supermarket and whizzes through the post office, leaving chaos in his wake.

Funny, daft and hectic, this cautionary tale demonstrates that speed isn’t everything. Children will delight in the reckless antics of Davey Dog, who is oblivious to the pandemonium he creates. The tale is enhanced by vibrant illustrations, which are bold, cheerful and full of quirky humour.

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