Ceri & Deri: No Time for Clocks

Publisher: Graffeg

When best friends Ceri the cat and Deri the dog arrange to meet after lunch, Ceri is annoyed as Deri is late. After some discussion, they realise that Ceri arrived first because she ate her lunch earlier than Deri. How can they ensure that they are working to the same timescale?

As they try to resolve the issue, Gwen Green walks past. When they explain their problem, she tells them about clocks and how they are used to tell the time. The two friends become confused when she talks about hands and faces, so Gwen fetches them a clock each to demonstrate. Still the pair are baffled by the numbers and don’t understand how the clocks work, so Gwen comes up with a simple solution to help them.

This colourful picture book in the Ceri & Deri series combines straightforward language and simple illustrations to effectively introduce young children to the tricky concept of time.

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