Ceri & Deri: The Very Smelly Telly Show

Publisher: Graffeg

Ceri the Cat and Deri the Dog are best friends, who love to do everything together. One sunny day they decide to visit Dai the Duck and invite him to play frisbee - but he is far too busy watching his favourite TV show to join them! Disappointed, they're about to leave when Deri finds an empty cardboard box, which smells distinctly of bananas. Putting the box on his head, Deri invents the Ceri & Deri Very Smelly Telly Show!

They look like they're having so much fun that even Dai is tempted away from his screen to join in. Together, they create news broadcasts, adverts and even a science-fiction movie, complete with space pirates and aliens.

This fun tale in the Ceri & Deri series, bursting with vibrant illustrations, celebrates the joy of friendship and imaginative play and encourages creativity. It may even prompt some young readers to embark on a search for their very own smelly cardboard box!

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