Burning Issy

Publisher: Anderson Press

Issy has no idea where she’s from; abandoned as a baby, adopted by the village cunning man, she knows only her name and that she is terrified of fire, of burning. Taunted by superstitious villagers fearing witchcraft, Issy is desperate to discover her identity. Is she like malevolent Old Demdyke, the worst witch of all? Or is she akin to Iohan a-Style, business-woman and healer? Even the Parson doesn’t know whether to redeem or punish her. As the Witch Finder’s forces implacably close in, Issy must decide for herself...

Issy’s voice lies at the heart of this gripping, often gruelling novel based on the Pendle witchcraft trials: honest, terrified, unsure, she challenges good and evil head-on. Times change, but intolerance looks the same.

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