The Blood List

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Barnaby Nightingale is strong, handsome, popular and brave: the perfect son to his wealthy merchant father. But his relationship with his mother has always been strained, because of the strange story about his birth. The villagers say that he was stolen away by the fairies as a baby, who left a changeling in his place - until their interference resulted in Barnaby being returned to his rightful home. Pushed away by his mother, and despised by his fanatical younger brother Abel, Barnaby relies on the companionship of his indulgent father, his friends in the village, and household maid Juliet. But when beautiful local farmer's daughter Naomi comes to work for the family, things begin to change. Soon, fear and suspicion is spreading through the village - and before long, Barnaby finds himself on trial for witchcraft.

Sarah Naughton's debut novel, The Hanged Man Rises, was shortlisted for the Costa Book Awards. This second novel also has a historical setting, but here, Naughton takes is to the mid-1600s, a time in which superstitious tales of witches, changelings and dark magic abound. Inspired by the true story of the Witchfinder General, it is a colourful, thrilling and sometimes disturbing story, which will offer young readers plenty of excitement.

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