Burger Boy

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Publisher: Andersen Press

Benny is a young boy who loves burgers. In fact he eats nothing else. Then one day his mother's warning comes true - he turns into one.

Chased by a pack of hungry dogs, Benny escapes into a field only to be confronted by a herd of cows - who point out that Benny is made from... them! Finally, Benny ends up at a Burger Bar and is about to be eaten when his mother rescues him. After a diet of nothing but vegetables, Benny is saved, and turns back into a boy.

This is a timeless picture book but brought up to date with a genuine and topical issue for modern children - fast food. Prose and part-rhyme make this a lovely book to read aloud, and the illustrations by Mei Matsuoka are lively and bright.

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