Cinderella: The Fairytale Files

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Publisher: Walker Books

In the kingdom of King Magnus the Magnificent, the royal household has been thrown into turmoil. Prince Charming has proposed to a mystery woman, the unknown, but very beautiful, Cinderella.

Concerned by scurrilous allegations in the press, King Magnus appoints a renowned detective, Rumple Stiltskin, to check out whether the royal fiancee is mad, bad or just a little eccentric.

The Inspector's findings are presented in a file, complete with newspaper cuttings, Cinderella's birth certificate, drawings of the ugly sisters' feet, a magical card from Cinders' devoted godmother and postcards from the eventual, happy, royal honeymoon.

Tactile, pull-out features, laugh-out loud illustrations and comical witness statements make this a glorious re-interpretation of the classic fairytale to be enjoyed by all generations.

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